“I have great hopes in your love for Christ and for men. There is a great deal to be done. Let us set out with renewed enthusiasm; united with Christ, under the motherly gaze of the Virgin, Our Lady of Guadalupe the sweet mother of priests and religious.”

                           -Saint John Paul II



Mass Times


Parish Staff

The facet of Guadalupe has been aptly summarized by William B. Taylor:

"The story of the apparition in 1531, just ten years after the Aztec capital at Tenochtitlan fell to Cortes, is rich in providential possibilities - a dark - complected Virgin Mary appears to a lowly Indian at Tepeyac, the sacred place of a pre-Columbian mother goddess, leaving her beautiful image on the Indian's cloak. Then, in a spontaneous surge of Indian devotion, natives flock to the site of the miracle, embracing her image in their spiritual orphanhood as if she were a new mother restoring order in the supernatural world as well as in the here and now. She combines the Indian past with the Spanish present to make something new, a proto-Mexican Indian Madonna who will gradually be accepted as will by American Spaniards and Metizos as their own, thus forming the spiritual basis of a national independence movement in the early 19th century."


  • CCE Information

    Registration will begin ________________

    for all grades (1st - 12th) after each Mass.


    CCE Classes: $15

    CCE Sacrament Classes: $30


    For children or youth preparing to receive Sacraments, please bring their Birth and Baptismal certificates at registration.



  • Ministries

    Catholic Youth Ministry (CYM)

          Jose Mora  -


    Music Ministry

          Robert Lopez  -



          Joe Martinez  -


    Mass Coordinators

          Saturday 6:00pm     -  Mary Trevino 806-535-2666

          Sunday 8:00am        -  Connie Sanchez 806-763-2815

                        10:30am   -   Ulises Gutierrez 806-747-5637

                        12:30pm   -   Mary Olgin 806-549-3801


  • Organizations


             Contact Josie Salinas for more information on how you can become part of this great organization.



    Knights of Columbus

    Council Meetings: 1st & 3rd Thursday of Each month at 7:30pm at Our Lady of Guadalupe Hall.


    Membership Information:

    Grand Knight Marty Ledesma 806-620-8724 or KofC11897



  • Juan Diego Store

    Store Hours:

    Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

    Saturday: 9am - 4pm


    After and before every Mass on Saturday & Sunday.


    We offer a wide verity of catholic items.

    • Candles
    • Rosary
    • Baptismal Articles
    • Various Wedding Articles
    • Assorted Metals and Jewelery
    • Prayer Cards & Books
    • Crosses
    • and Much More
  • Marriage

    Only the bride and groom are to make the necessary arrangements for their wedding; NOT the parents of the bride or groom, nor their sponsors. The couple should meet the following requirements:


    1. Be registered members of this parish for at least one year, and attend Sunday Mass regularly.


    2. Provide copies of their birth, baptism, and confirmation certificates.


    3. If married by Justice of the peace: Provide a copy of Marriage License or License from Justice of the Peace.


    4. If divorced or if marriage was annulled: Provide a copy of the Final Divorce Decree and/or Certificate of Annulment


    5. We ask for a Church donation of $200 for all weddings.


    7. Make church arrangements at least 6 months prior to the wedding.

    The date will not be set until the couple meets with the pastor.

  • Baptism

    Registration is required with the Church Secretary before interviews and/or class.


    Interviews are on the 1st Sunday of the month.


    Classes are offered on the 3rd Saturday of the month, 9:00am - 1:00pm


    Baptisms will be preformed on the 4th weekend of the month.


    Parents and Godparents must attend class Parents (or legal guardians) of the child to be baptized.


    Parents are the only ones that are leaglly able to make the necessary arrangements, NOT the grandparents, NOT the Godparents.


    Make sure you have made arrangements with the Church prior to other arrangements. Call the office if you need more information 806-763-0710.

  • Quinceañera

    Family must be registered parish members 1 year or more, and attend Sunday Mass regularly.


    Make sure you have made arrangements with the church and confirmed date for the celebration with Parish Priest 10 months prior to other arrangements.


     Attendance of 4 years in CCE classes, attend Sunday Mass.


    Must be Baptized and receive Holy Communion.


    The young lady who will be celebrating her Quinceañera must attend a Quinceañera Retreat.


    We ask for a $200 Church Donation, before the celebration Mass.


    For more information call 806-763-0710

  • Bulletins

    Under construction


Our Lady of Guadalupe La Virgencita Mexico Folk Art Latin American Santos A Henry

By Stephen B. Whatley

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